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Born a Michigan native, at the tender age of 7, Ivanna displayed a natural talent for art and a unique perspective for beauty.  Art has become her passion ever since.  She has progressed her God-given talent over the years. Many describe her as having a way of expressing herself 'behind the brush'.

While in high school she began her own customized T-shirt business, later expanding to painting pants and shoes.  Continuing her entrepranuership she went under the business name of I-Rocc Fashions and later LP Prod.

In 2008, a piece from her art collection was  selected to hang in the Lansing Art Gallery  located in downtown Lansing, MI for one year. In 2012, her dedication piece to Troy Davis was featured in the Founders Spring Exhibition 2012, at Central Michigan University (CMU). She graduated from CMU in December of 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Family Studies.

Many of her paintings now hang in the homes of family, friends, and loved ones. This site was built to expand her clientele and expose her art to the masses.

Without God and the support of her family and loved ones, none of what she's accomplished would ensue. She dedicates this webpage to her late and great sister, Kiani Rodgers, who was a tremendously avid supporter. Many of the proceeds from her paintings go towards the Kiani Rodgers Scholarship Fund, in honor of her sister and best friend.

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